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Al Francesco

Frank Schipani, also known as Frank Salerno, but most popular as Al Francesco, was the one to invent the idea of the game of blackjack playing by teams and he was the one who conceptualized the persona of Big Player, that is so popular nowadays. Al Francesco and his team of blackjack players used the theories of card counting to win millions of dollars by playing blackjack in the casinos, without being caught.

Al Francesco is perhaps the most highly respected player of blackjack, in the whole history of the game of blackjack, and he is the one who taught the art, and also the science, of card counting to Ken Uston. Ken Uston was once recorded as saying, to Arnold Snyder, that he owed all of his blackjack playing abilities to Al, and that Al was perhaps the greatest player of blackjack in history.

How to know about Al Francesco?

Al Francesco is known to the world, generally, through the books of Ken Uston, as the person who was the mastermind behind the concept of the BP team, or the Big Player team. Al Francesco's very first blackjack team was constructed in the earlier part of the 1970s, and till Ken Uston had published his book called The Big Player, Al and his blackjack playing teams were undetected by the casinos, and they extracted about millions of dollars from these casinos.

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