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Blackjack Rules: Useful Blackjack Guide

Blackjack is a popular card game which is played between you and a dealer. If to talk about land casinos blackjack is played there by several players sitting at one table. If you choose to play online blackjack - then you play one by one with the dealer.

This blackjack guide is dedicated to help you improve the rules of the game. Even if you are a complete newbie you should always enforce yourself to learn and practice different rules, because by doing so you will achieve an advantage over the house edge.

Find the time and read as many rules and tips as possible, our blackjack guide gathered all the main and basic blackjack ruled in one article. Don't forget that you can play not only in land based casino but also play blackjack online using specialized sites, where you can always download the game you like and play it for free.

Blackjack Rules

Now take yourself a cup of coffee and have a good look though our blackjack guide. It'll allow you to acquire a taste for this wonderful game.

Let's now have a look at the most general rules that you have to remember

  1. The game of blackjack starts when every player at the table makes their bets due to betting limits. The dealer shuffle the cards and then deals two cards both for him and every player face up. Sometimes they may be dealt face down. The dealers cards are always dealt one face up and the other face down.
  2. After the cards have been dealt you have to make a decision whether to take another card (Hit) or Stand at what you've already had. If the total of your hand is far from 21 points then it's better to Hit. If you're very close to achieving 21 then you'd better Stand and wait to see what cards the dealer has. Players have some additional options such as Double or Split.
  3. The dealer faces his cards up when the players have finished. Your dealer must strictly follow blackjack rules. The dealer always have to Hit when his hands total is 16 or lower and Stand on 17 or if his total is higher. This rule is usually written at the blackjack game table.
  4. Your hand is compared to dealers hand only, as you play against him. And the cards of other players at the table aren't important unless you are using a counting card strategy.
  5. The winner is defined when the dealers hand or your hand go busted. It means that the total of the hand exceeded 21 points. If the winner is you, the dealer gives you your payout in 3:2. If the winner is your dealer then you lose all your bets.

These are the basic blackjack rules shortly stated in out blackjack guide. Here are some basic blackjack hands that might be useful for you.

  • Natural. This hand consists of two cards: the Ace card and a 10 valued card. This hand is called Blackjack and you win automatically if the dealer doesn't have the same hand as you. In such case all the money you've bet are returned to you.
  • Soft Hand. When the Ace in your hand is counted as 11 then it is called a Soft Hand.
  • Hard Hand. If the Ace in your hand is valued as1 - the hand is called the Hard Hand.

Improve Your Play

In our blackjack guide we offer you a list of blackjack options you can use during the game. Have a look and wright down some of them to remember better.

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Double Down
  • Split
  • Insurance. It is an extra bet if the dealer suddenly deals him an Ace.
  • Even Money. If you have a Natural Hand and one of the dealers card is Ace then you are offered even money bet.

In Conclusion

We hope our blackjack guide will help you to practice your skills to perfection. Rules are the important part of every blackjack game or its variant. So if you've found the game you'd like to play then spend a lot of time to play in free mode games to understand how the game flows. Don't forget that playing blackjack must be an entertainment for you in every case, always play responsibly and enjoy every move you in this great game.

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